TSD Pokal for ediundsepp

TSD Pokal for ediundsepp from El Ministerio on Vimeo.

Promo for the TSD 2011 campaign (Tischler Schreiner Deutschland, the German Association of Carpenters).
Produced by ediundsdepp
Execution: el-ministerio.com
Executive Producer: Florian Hugger
Project Manager: Nadine Maier
Concept: Nadine Maier, Susanne Steinkeller, Anja Voit, Florian Steinkeller and Armando Guerra.
Field producers: Florian Steinkeller, Philipp Schmid, Anja Voit
Dir. Armando Guerra (el-ministerio.com)
Color grading: Carlos Corresa
Music: Vicent Colonques (monkes)
Mixing and Mastering: Héctor Tirado Balaguer


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