River Partners: Disaster Risk Reduction in DRC | United Nations Environment Program

Report on a disaster-risk reduction program being implemented by the United Nations Environment Program and the European Union in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

UNEP (unep.org/) and El Ministerio (el-ministerio.com)

UNEP and El Ministerio

El Ministerio

Production team for El Ministerio
Armando Guerra
Josep Alfaro
Marta Varona

Art director
Vicente Mora, Pimpam Studio (pimpamstudio.com/)

Artwork design
Victor Ferrero, Pimpam Studio (pimpamstudio.com/)

Albert Val Boix

Music for the series
monkes music (monkesmusic.com/)

English narration
Gerry Hadden (ghadden.com/)

English and French subtitles
UNEP and El Ministerio

UNEP Post-Conflict and Disaster Management Branch
Hassan Partow, Programme Manager, DRC
Celine Jacmain, Field Project Coordinator, DRC
Tshitshi Kamuena, Administrative Assistant, DRC
Muralee Thummarakudy, Programme Manager, Disaster Risk Reduction
Marisol Estrella, Programme Coordinator, Disaster Risk Reduction
Niloufar Bayani, Project Advisor, Disaster Risk Reduction
Samantha Newport, Communications Advisor

We would like to thank

Ministry of Interior of DRC
Xavier Mirindi Kiriza, Secretary General
Stephane Kalulumia Bimpa, Research and Planning Division

Lukaya River Basin Users’ Association (AURB-L)
Jean Pierre Kimfuta
Benoit Mulenga

Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Tourism (MECNT)
René Abedi Senga, General Secretary Cabinet of MECNT
Jean Manteke, Water Resource Division
Bienvenu Mulwa, Water Resource Division
Dr. Willy Mvumbi Navungu, Horticulture and Reforestation Division

Local Authorities
Jean-Bosco Monkinzi, Chief territorial administrator, Kasangulu

Regideso, Kimwenza water treatment plant
Mr. Anicet, director
Nguisana Zikanda Yanga, production manager

Centre Sous l’Arbre
Abbé Laurent Mundele

Village chiefs of Ndjili Kilambu and Ntampa

The National Agency of Meteorology and Satellite Remote Sensing (METTELSAT)
Hubert Kabengela

Regional Center for Nuclear Studies in Kinshasa (CREN-K)
José Nlandu

Centre d’Appui au Développement Intégral de Mbankana (CADIM)
Martin Ndongo

Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary
Pierrot Mbonzo, Director

Régie des Voies Fluviales
Cedric Luctschumbu

Naural Resource Network (RRN)
Barthelemy Boika Mukadi
Joel Bongweke,

Nzobansina Clément
Mr. Mukwale
Charcoal producers of Bas Congo
Atasha Kimbembi Machini


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