Postcard Haiti

Postcard from a Haiti hotel room


A postcard by Armando Guerra
Based on the poem “San” by Georges Castera
Translated by Jack Hirschman and Boadiba
Music by Monkes Music.
Voices by the waitress and waiters at La Reserve, Port-au-Prince
Niloufar Bayani served kindly as a model


An n’al gade san koule,


pou yon fwa nan lavi,

se pa san moun k’ap koule, bbbbbb

pou yon fwa nan lari

se pa san bèt k’ap koule,

an n’al gade san koule,


se solèy ki pral kouche



Let’s go see blood flow,


For once in a lifetime,

it’s not people’s blood spilling,

for once in the street

it’s not animal’s blood flowing,

let’s go see blood flow,


the sun is setting.


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